Periods are a gift, not a curse


Mindful Moon - a (wo)manual is a guide for women seeking to live in a harmonious relationship with the blood cycle. Mindful Moon supplies you with primal practices for living and loving life in divine feminine flow.


Meet Moonie, she is a shape-shifter, different every day. She expresses

as a divine feminine being in a heavily masculine world. The destruction/creation cycle occurs in life as it does in our bodies. As women, we have a talent that is considered taboo, we BLEED. I am inspired by magical portals and vortexes, and the period is a potent window indeed! Mindful Moon is 8 years in the making, and I am so pleased to present this guide to finding your original self. Blending a fusion of self-love primal practices such as dance, yoga, massage, sound healing, journaling, art making and more, Mindful Moon guides you beyond clock time, diving deep into our feminine lineage in an esoteric truth-finding mission. Wholeness awaits!


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author & illustrator Gina Zappia

Gina Zappia is...

a dynamic and insatiably curious being, a true student of life. Her broad range of knowledge extends from a common interest, the fascinating human body. First as a dancer & choreographer, layered with yoga, anatomy, and massage, to the subtle intuitive realms of chi gong and meditation. Whether she is giving a healing session, facilitating a playshop, or spilling it all over the dance floor, the goal is one: to get people alive and feeling good in their bodies. Gina gives others permission to be full of prana and vitality, to be present and playful, yet deep. 

Gina is a non-conforming, nomadic love warrior, nature lover, and multi-dimensional artist. Her latest expression is one 8 years in the making. Mindful Moon - a (wo)manual, an illustrated guide for women for tapping into the potent portal that is the period. The vision of Mindful Moon is to change the view of the period from curse to gift, to educate and empower women with the gift of divine alignment. Gina also has a series of videos on You Tube called Bloody Secrets.


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