Mindful Moon Mentoring

Mindful Moon menstrual mentoring is for both small groups and personal one on one experiences. Gina is acutely aware that women do not get along with their bodies, and we must all work to change the current mindset for future generations of bleeders. Gina can advise on being period positive, living cyclically, offering blood, and existing on a more ceremonial and creative vibration. Once a woman begins the quest for her own unique rhythm, we all benefit from the full force of nature a woman holds within! Activate your love warrior today!

Let's BLEED!

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Side note ~ Gina is a gifted and experienced massage therapist, movement facilitator, world traveler, and artist. She is not able to diagnose any medical issues or conditions. She is more on an esoteric and self-initiation path. Anyone wishing to be a mentee is someone looking to empower themselves and seeking direction or clarification concerning the ceremonial aspect of being a bleeder, a woman, a poetic force of nature. Mentor mentee relationships are important to facilitate the energy required to move into new and sometimes scary dimensions of shadow selves that are asking for transformation. To find out more about this process please email Gina with your inquiries.