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I bought Mindful Moon for myself- then for my sister, nieces and friends. I wish I had had some of this knowledge growing up. This book brings together so many traditions and schools of thought, distilling the essential wisdom and delivering it with humor and depth. It is creative and practical, playful and deep, and it might blow your mind a little, but for all women this book is long overdue. Thank you for creating it!

-- Diana Dalton, mother of 2, yoga instructor, manifesting mofo's real ladies. It's SO REAL. I've loosely tracked my period forever, but now I've been doing daily journaling about my days, emotions, moods, actions, and I am FLOORED at just how predictable and cyclic I am. Last month I learned the last week before my period I need a cave all to myself and it happens every month exactly for four days before my period, it is all truly amazing. We are all so similar yet unique universes in our own right. I love being a woman at times like these right now. It feels truly magical!

—  Pema Schott, mother of 4, and powerhouse creatrix @ blog & podcast 

I just purchased one last week and I love it. There are so many great exercises and knowledge available. It covers a lot of ground from meditation, breathing exercises, stretches, as well the magic we hold within our cycles. Plus it's such an easy read. So good to turn to a page and put intention on a specific lesson for the day. I highly recommend it. Something every woman should have in her library.

— Shantala Davis, dancer, Founder & Facilitator at Kinetic Intimacy & Pussy Power women's gatherings

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